get<N>(tuple) considered harmful

I have been toying around with a custom implementation of tuple and came across this pitfall. Suppose you need a tool that would provide a tuple that would be the tail of a given tuple. What’s a tuple? It can be std::tuple or it can be mytuple, so the tool should best be dependent on the tuple’s template template together with the tuple’s type pack:

    template<template <class...> class Tuple, class ArgHead, class... ArgTail>
auto tuple_tail(Tuple<ArgHead,ArgTail...>& t) -> Tuple<ArgTail...>;

The implementation must construct a tuple with pack expansion involving only the tail arguments. Types are easy, but to get the values from t we need an index sequence going from 1 to sizeof...(T)-1. It is straightforward to get a sequence like that with the use of std::index_sequence_for, but then it starts at 0, that we need to drop. We then send the index sequence together with the tuple t to a helper function that does the actual job. All of that should be fairly straightforward c++ for anybody with a couple of years of experience (did I say a couple? I meant a couple of dozen, of course…):
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