Introduction to random number generation in c++

This article is intended as a concise introduction into using the (pseudo)-random number generation facilities present in c++11. What I write about certainly isn’t new, but I need an easy-reading place I can point people to. That does not mean there are no problems with the standard services, there are some are fundamental, and are mentioned in the articles I cite, others are programmatic and could use some, well, circumventing, that comes with all the c++ intricacy delight, but I will leave that out waiting for a future second installment on the subject.

Structure of the problem

So you want a random number from a computer, right? You think it really is possible? After all, if your computer, a deterministic machine designed to follow your progam to the letter, started doing things at random, you would most likely declare it broken and either try to repair it or scrap it. No way. And yet, you play games, you do your Monte-Carlo simulations and all that claims to be using some sort of randomness. So where is it to be found in your computer? The answer has three parts.
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